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IM Site visit Summary

During my Internal rotation at New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital from April 15 to May 17, 2024, I underwent a comprehensive site visit evaluation conducted by PA Andrea Pizarro. The evaluation process involved two meetings, one midway through the rotation and another for the final assessment, where my classmate Fredrique Green and I presented two complete History and Physical reports of patients encountered during our rotation.

Throughout these sessions, PA Pizarro provided constructive feedback aimed at enhancing our clinical skills, particularly in patient assessment and medical documentation. She emphasized the importance of meticulously analyzing laboratory results and understanding their clinical implications, citing specific examples relevant to cases we had encountered. For instance, she highlighted the significance of lab values such as alk Phos, pro-BNP, troponin, and lactate in assessing a patient presenting with shortness of breath and chest pain, given their medical history of asthma and COPD.

Furthermore, PA Pizarro encouraged us to think critically and consider alternative approaches to patient care. For instance, she underscored the use of Sequential Compression Devices (SCDs) as an alternative DVT prophylaxis measure in patients for whom LMWH might be contraindicated. This emphasis on critical thinking not only broadened our perspective but also reinforced the importance of individualized patient management.

In addition to case presentations, I had the opportunity to discuss an article on the transfusion of blood and blood products during one of our sessions. This discussion provided valuable insights into the indications and potential complications associated with transfusion therapy, enhancing our understanding of its clinical relevance. As part of our evaluation, we were tasked with creating pharm cards summarizing key information about ten drugs on index cards. This exercise not only enhanced our retention of pharmacological knowledge but also honed our ability to prioritize essential information within limited space. PA Pizarro’s guidance throughout this process facilitated a deeper understanding of pharmacotherapy principles.

Importantly, PA Pizarro took a genuine interest in our overall learning experience, inquiring about our enjoyment of the rotation. This personalized approach fostered a supportive learning environment, encouraging open communication and collaboration. I am committed to incorporating the valuable lessons learned during this evaluation into my future clinical practice and educational endeavors.