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Reflection on the Rotation

My second rotation in psychiatry, particularly within the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program (CPEP) at Queens Hospital General, has been a profound and transformative experience. Spanning from February 5 to March 08, 2024, this rotation not only expanded my clinical expertise but also provided invaluable insights into the complex realm of emergency psychiatry. Throughout the rotation, I honed my ability to conduct comprehensive psychiatric evaluations. Encountering patients with schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, and bipolar disorders, I learned to navigate the nuanced management of diverse psychiatric conditions. This experience empowered me to adeptly gather pertinent patient history, assess mental status, and identify potential risk factors, laying a robust foundation for crafting effective treatment plans.

Working in the high-stakes environment of CPEP exposed me to the urgency and precision demanded in managing acute psychiatric crises. Firsthand exposure to protocols for handling situations involving suicidal ideation, severe mood disorders, and psychotic episodes deepened my understanding of crisis management in psychiatry. The collaborative nature of psychiatry became evident as I refined my communication skills while working alongside esteemed professionals such as psychiatrists MD Syed Hasan, Physician Assistants Alie Amil, Jenny Thomas, nurses, and social workers. This interdisciplinary approach underscored the importance of holistic, patient-centered care. Guided by my preceptors, I learned to tailor my focus to the unique needs of each patient. The rotation equipped me with practical crisis intervention techniques, including de-escalation strategies and managing aggressive behaviors. Simultaneously preparing for my Psychiatry end-of-rotation exam, I gained a deeper understanding of psychopharmacology, emphasizing the significance of individualized treatment plans with psychotropic medications.

An essential lesson from this rotation was the paramount importance of accurate and detailed documentation in psychiatry. Improving my documentation skills ensured seamless continuity of care and adherence to legal standards. The rotation also provided a guided exploration of the intricate ethical landscape in psychiatry, navigating challenges such as confidentiality, informed consent, and involuntary hospitalization. This underscored the delicate balance between ethical principles and ensuring patient well-being. Effective communication, extending not only to fellow professionals but also to patients and their families, became a focal point of my development.

In conclusion, my psychiatry rotation at CPEP has been a profound journey, enriching my clinical skills and preparing me for the multifaceted challenges of providing compassionate care in psychiatric emergencies. The experiences gained during this rotation will undoubtedly shape my future practice and contribute significantly to my growth as a healthcare professional.