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Long Term Care Site visit Summary.

During my long-term care/geriatric medicine rotation at Metropolitan Hospital, I underwent a site visit evaluation by PA Arti Ramkumar, marking significant milestones in my learning journey. Both the mid and final evaluations, conducted via Zoom for nearly 3 hours and in person at NYPQ, respectively, offered comprehensive opportunities for assessment and feedback.

Throughout these sessions, I not only presented my History and Physical write-ups but also engaged in insightful discussions with peers like Emmanuel Ikealugo-Dennis, Fionna Du, and Anja Glumicic. PA Arti Ramkumar’s feedback played a pivotal role in shaping our understanding of patient care, stressing the importance of critical thinking and thoroughness in our assessments.

A notable aspect of our evaluations was the presentation of drug cards, where PA Arti Ramkumar not only highlighted the serious side effects of medications but also encouraged us to explore emerging uses of pharmacological agents. Moreover, during my presenting case involving symptoms suggestive of pancreatic disorders, PA Arti Ramkumar’s feedback prompted me to delve deeper into any missed labs or imaging studies that could enhance my diagnostic skills and enrich my approach to patient care.

The feedback provided was comprehensive, covering various facets of patient management. PA Ramkumar emphasized the inclusion of pertinent information in History and Physicals, such as medication dosage adjustments based on renal function, and ensuring that all medical problems were addressed in the treatment plan. This underscored the holistic approach to patient care, emphasizing that we are not merely treating isolated conditions but caring for the patient as a whole.

During my article presentation on the impact of CPAP on respiratory capacity in CKD patients undergoing hemodialysis, PA Ramkumar offered valuable insights, further deepening my understanding of the topic. Additionally, the challenging case scenarios brought forward by PA Ramkumar, such as the interaction between fluconazole and Plavix leading to a stroke, underscored the importance of vigilance in medication management and understanding potential drug interactions.

Overall, the feedback and discussions during the rotations with PA Arti Ramkumar were invaluable learning experiences that will undoubtedly shape my future practice as a PA. They equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to my patients, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and patient-centered approaches in healthcare.